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School leavers encouraged to engage in dog grooming by industry experts – FE News



Students who love pets and are wondering what to do next after their GCSE and A-Level results are encouraged to consider a career in dog grooming from industry experts.

Dog grooming is a growing industry, which has seen an increase in demand for the service since the puppy boom during the pandemic.

UK grooming salons are struggling to keep pace, and Ofqual-regulated award organization iPET Network, which offers dog grooming qualifications, is inviting prospective groomers to register and be a part. growing industry.

Scott Learmouth, who runs the Bone Idol Training Academy in Hove and the Bone Idol Salon in Brighton, says dog grooming is the perfect career choice for an animal-loving student who wants to become an entrepreneur in the future.

He said:

“Any GCSE or A-Level student who wants to become an entrepreneur or start their own business in the future should consider dog grooming as an industry of interest at this time.

“The fair has been filled with reservations since it was cleared to reopen, and the iPET network qualifications offered by the training academy have seen a record number of registrations.”

He added:

“The pandemic has been so difficult, but coming out the other side, it’s all the more clear that we have a growing industry on our hands.

“We’ve seen so many different types of people, from former cabin crew members to military veterans and office workers, sign up to take iPET Network courses. People have had the opportunity to reassess their lives or lose their jobs, and dog grooming is a fun and creative new beginning for them.

“Likewise at the show, it’s safe to say it was packed! It’s wonderful to be back, but it’s clear the industry needs to grow to meet the demand. It is a really exciting time for dog grooming.

Nationally, since the start of the pandemic, 3.2 million households have brought home any pet.

From 2020 to 2021, the number of dogs increased from 9 to 12 million, and with 17 of the 20 most popular dog breeds requiring regular grooming or treatment, this has resulted in a surge in demand.

And with many people considering a complete career and outlook change in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, working with animals flexibly is an attractive option.

Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, who lead the Cheshire-based dog industry-specific award organization iPET Network, which helps training providers across the country deliver high-quality qualifications, said:

“The demand for dog grooming has never been greater, and these millions of new puppy parents need to be reassured that the groomer they choose has a nationally recognized qualification.

“Unfortunately, due to pandemic lockdowns some grooming companies in the UK have not survived. That, coupled with the giant demand that others are experiencing, only means one thing; We need more qualified groomers.

In the UK in 2019, 830 people received certificates in a level 3 dog grooming qualification, this number increased to 895 in 2020, but more is still needed.

For more information on studying at Bone Idol Academy, visit www.boneidol.co.uk/academy

To find out more about the iPET network courses, visit: www.ipetnetwork.co.uk

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