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SCVTV Community Corner: Bridge to Home, West Ranch Jazz, Senses Block Party, SCV Education Foundation Teacher Tribute 2022, This Week in Santa Clarita – It’s Your Duty to Bag Dog Doody Campaign


In this episode of SCVTV’s Community Corner, hosts Dave Caldwell and Carrie Lujan chat with Tracey Carpentier to find out all about Bridge to Home’s grand opening on March 14 and what the new shelter has to offer; chat with West Ranch High School’s Director of Jazz Studies, Brian Leff, to get details about the Glenn Miller Orchestra’s upcoming concert and why the performance will be so special for students and jazz lovers; bring Casey Miller to find out all about the upcoming Senses Block Party and how they’re going to put on the best possible St. Patrick’s Day event; invite Renee Marshall and Janene Maxon to tell us about this year’s teacher tribute and how the SCV Education Foundation is doing everything to honor local teachers for their hard work, and present a new episode of This Week at Santa Clarita highlighting the “It’s Your Duty to Pack Dog Doody!

For more information:
Gateway to home: https://btohome.org/
West Ranch Music: https://www.westranchmusic.com/
Santa Clarita Senses: https://oldtownnewhall.com/senses-block-party/
SCV Education Foundation: https://www.scveducationfoundation.org/
City of Santa Clarita: https://www.santa-clarita.com/

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