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Sheridan Smith’s BBC dog grooming show Pooch Perfect deleted after just one round



Pooch Perfect was canceled after its first series due to outrage and concerns for the safety and welfare of animals.

The BBC reality show, hosted by Sheridan Smith, which saw Britain’s hairiest dogs get a makeover in search of Britain’s best dog groomer, has been deleted after it caused an uproar.

The backlash is the result of showcasing dyed pets, such as a blue-eared poodle, which prompted the RSPCA to claim the show was sending a “disturbing message” about animals being seen as fashion accessories. .

In the show, which featured 16 professionals competing to see who could turn dogs into the smartest dogs in the country, some animals were dressed in costumes, leading viewers to complain and say they were mistreated.

Pooch Perfect was canceled after its first series

In a statement sent to Metro.co.uk, a spokesperson praised the “slight relief” the program has brought viewers during the coronavirus pandemic.

They said, “Pooch Perfect brought a lot of relief to viewers during the lockdown.”

“While the series is not returning, we would like to thank Sheridan, the judges, animal experts, groomers and pet owners as well as Beyond Productions for bringing such joy when we needed it most.”

Sheridan smith
BBC Pooch Perfect fans split on Sheridan Smith’s ‘Bake Off For Dogs’

The BBC was said to have been forced to defend the controversial show previously, as well as justify the program’s motives by stating that the welfare team “did not believe there was any risk to the animals and that they were not showing no sign of stress “.

The channel explained that the colors used on the dogs were “strictly controlled and only used to show off the groom.”

A spokesperson said at the time: ‘All of the color was temporary, safe, and washed out almost immediately depending on the dog’s coat.

“But despite the huge increase in the number of dog owners during the pandemic, the BBC revealed on Thursday that the program had been unplugged.”

perfect doggie
Sheridan was the face of Pooch Perfect and featured the Weekly Episodes

The competition was judged by top professional groomer, Colin Taylor, certified master groomer, Lady Verity Hardcastle, and veterinary surgeon, Bolu Eso.

Each week, the professional groomers on the show took on a variety of challenges with the goal of being crowned the nation’s best dog groomer and winning the Golden Stanley Trophy.

Despite viewers’ concerns about the welfare of the dogs, the BBC posted a frequently asked question on the show’s official page, explaining that the animals were, in fact, well taken care of.

The page read: “The doggies have always been pampered, cared for and very much appreciated throughout their visit with us.

“Animal welfare was extremely important to us throughout the process and the production team were assisted and guided by The Animal Welfare Consultancy which was recommended to us by the RSPCA.

“In fact, our advisor, Jody Gordon, co-authored the RSPCA rulebook which provides guidance and support for people using or considering using animals in any production environment.”

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