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Shivam Shukla regains his senses after 5 days in coma


After five days in a coma, 16-year-old Shivam Shukla, who was fighting for his life in an Indore hospital after being attacked by Islamists during the Ram Navami procession in Khargone, has regained consciousness. Shivam, who suffered extensive brain damage, is responding to treatment, doctors say.

Shivam’s brother, Manthan Joshi, told Times Now that he is now stable, but is still unable to speak. Manthan added that 150 to 200 people threw petrol bombs, threw stones and even fired bullets during the Ram Navami procession. He said it had been prepared in advance. Shivam was injured in the violence.

“Our mother is still reeling from the ordeal, and we can’t sleep at night because we are so terrified. The administration is really helpful, but it will take time for us to overcome our fears,” he added.

Shivam attends Khargone Polytechnic College and, according to his maternal uncle Surendra Joshi, he and his family took part in the Ram Navami celebration. According to reports, the state of Madhya Pradesh is footing the bill for his hospitalization.

Violence in Khargaon: what happened on April 10?

Shivam took part in a procession to celebrate Lord Ram’s birthday in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami on Sunday, April 10. The Islamists started attacking the procession with stones and Molotov cocktails. Shivam suddenly collapsed, and when the people around him saw him, they noticed that he had suffered a head injury.

He was rushed to a local private hospital amid the chaos, but there were no beds available. After that, he was sent to a government hospital. He had a hole in his skull, but he was still alive when the doctors arrived. He was then sent to Indore for immediate processing. Shivam was conscious during the trip to Indore, but by the time they arrived he lost consciousness.