Streamlining Fundraising with Launch Fundraising: A Touchless Solution for Success

Launch Fundraising Makes Fundraising Easier

Collecting money is stressful, but Launch Fundraising offers touchless transactions to make it easier. This technology solution eliminates paperwork, cash transactions, and forms to help students, coaches, and parents stay organized.

During their soft launch, they sent out an email to their strongest supporters and asked them to share the campaign. This was a great way to generate social proof and build momentum.

Easy-to-use platform

If you want to eliminate the physical hassles of traditional fundraisers, try using a platform that enables participants to handle all their fundraising tasks online. This will make it easier for everyone involved, including the organizers and participants themselves. It will also eliminate the paperwork and other forms that are normally associated with a fund collection drive.

This platform is ideal for nonprofits that want to amplify their peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. It allows supporters to create their own campaign pages and share them across social media platforms. It also enables them to connect their donations back to your main campaign page.

Launch Fundraising builds on GoFundMe’s helpful features and adds extra ones to make fundraising even more efficient. For example, its real-time tracking feature gives parents, coaches, and other stakeholders a full picture of each individual’s progress. In addition, its leaderboard feature lets you see how close you are to your goal and encourages competitive spirit among your supporters.

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