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Swindon dog grooming salon owner shocked by competition victory as team entered unwittingly



THE owner of a dog grooming salon in Swindon had a special surprise when the team entered her into a contest without her knowing – and she won in one category.

Aggie Cooper manages LoveMyGroomer Ltd and Fetch Grrom Swindon. Her colleagues knew she would never enter a contest alone because it was “not her thing”, but as the ALON Groomer of the Year contest approached, they decided to give it a go on her behalf.

Due to the pandemic, the grooming show required photos of everyday pets being groomed in the salon to be shown and judged from a distance rather than at a typical live breeder show.

The team explained, “The company has already started to advance the skill level with the introduction of a Level 3 City and Guilds Groomer, and Aggie has always received high praise from our customers.

“So we thought we would be a great opportunity to get some professional feedback on our grooms and maybe win something.

“The hardest part was taking eight photos of each dog without Aggie noticing. On the night of the final we had to watch the results in secret with our fingers crossed.

“Aggie placed third and fifth in one category, eighth in another, then in the creative salon category, the last category we entered was ALON Groomer of the Year.

“We listened to the announcement of third place, then second place. Then, incredibly, first place was Aggie from LoveMyGroomer.

“With a loud cry of excitement that surprised Aggie, who still didn’t know what had happened, we explained to her the secret entry into the competition and that she had won first place.

“Aggie was so over the moon and a little bit in tears.”

ALON Groomer of the Year organizers Ky and Emma offered their support as the big show approached and continued to help following the excellent results for the team and Aggie.

Ky provided feedback on all of Aggie’s bride and groom as well as some tips to make them even better.

Ky said: “All three dogs are cared for to such a standard. I love seeing Aggie’s work, they are all beautiful, well done.”

Aggie said: “I may not be competing in another competition anytime soon, but I am even more determined than ever to provide Swindon with award-winning individual grooms along with my growing team of skilled groomers.”



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