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Tethys Art excites the senses with a breathtaking new exhibition



A gallery like no other.

Southampton based Tethys Art launched its summer season with a show dedicated to the conversation between the street and digital art. Acclaimed pieces by Keith Haring, Richard Prince, Pieter Schoolwert, Fawn Rogers, Pearlyn Lii, Petra Cortright and Elisa Swopes make up the exhibition titled “From Keith Haring to the Screen Generation”.

The breathtaking exhibition started on June 12 and continued until June 28, curated by founders Nitin Gambhir, Elena Ulansky, Ludovica Capobianco and Indira Cesarine. Collector Gambhir created Tethys Art to showcase “transformative” works for industry leaders. The gallery is in a prime location at 71 Hill Street, just outside the city center and across from the beloved Southampton Inn. According to Gambhir, Tethys Art “brings the quality of the ‘New York’ art world” to various international venues; Southampton is the brand’s first outpost.

Both Ulansky and Gambhir are rooted in the investment world, with respective passions and backgrounds in the visual arts.

The VIP opening night on June 12 provided cocktails for industry insiders, even with a few adorable puppies in attendance to show their support for the new venture. Socialists Luciana Pampalone and Jean Shafiroff were among the participants. Tethys Art is definitely a must-see for any visit to the East End.

Tethys Art, 71 Hill Street, Southampton, NY.



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