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Texans’ five senses of tailgating



After a 2020 NFL season disrupted by the COVID pandemic, fans are very excited to return to their stadium and see their team play live, a luxury many of us have taken for granted and have not been able to do so for over a year.

Even if your team isn’t as good as the Houston Texans, there’s one thing everyone can expect on game day: TAILGING!

While the Lombardi Trophy probably doesn’t take any real estate in Houston this year, hookers at NRG Stadium and the Texans could win the Lombardi from tailgating in 2021.

It really doesn’t get more Texan than tailgating.

Tailgating is about eating, getting together, and creating experiences and memories that can last a lifetime. First-rate experiences involve all five senses of a human being.

When you enter the NRG stadium, seeing the throng of people thrilled to be there to support their team and meeting faces you might not usually see is a match day treat. This year in particular is very special given that the tailgate crew size has shrunk due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the spectacle of seeing hundreds and thousands of enthusiastic fans gather from all over town, from l State and country makes the tailgate special.

The second thing that appears is audience all the fans and friends mingling and laughing, chanting the team’s cheers and bonding with their passion for football and the Texans. You may also hear the barbecue sizzle when a rack of ribs or breast or chicken hits the grill. The sounds of tailgating are simply the ones you can’t get anywhere else and it’s a massive contribution to the overall experience.

After parking your car, you probably feel your sense of feel kick in. Smoke from the barbecue on the grill; the freshness of a tortilla and a carne asada come together to form the perfect taco. The smell of food from each tailgate crew signals your stomach that it’s time to …

Taste. And taste it all. Take that diet that you said you were going to start today and throw it in the sun, because a tailgate dictionary doesn’t contain the word “diet.” Tailgating in Houston is particularly unique because of the variety of cultures we have here in Houston.

The ethnic barbecue cuisine that Texas is famous for meets Hispanic cuisine, meets Vietnamese cuisine, meets southern soul cuisine and everything in between. Houston is a melting pot that eventually turns into something that melts in your mouth. You can attend all eight home games this season and have a unique dining experience every time.

This leads to the final meaning, which is perhaps the most important related to taste: to touch. In the past 18 months, we haven’t had as much contact in our lives as we had hoped. Hugging someone you haven’t seen in a while (and being safe) can be incredibly special and rewarding, but the feeling of tailgating can also be seen in a more metaphorical way here.

The feeling of tailgating is all about coming together. No matter what your background, people can come to the tailgate and unite as a family. The whole experience is one that should evoke pure happiness. People come together to see old friends and make new ones, hear the cheers (and sometimes taunts) of their favorite team, smell and taste a piece of people’s culture and feel and be a part of something that is taller than them.

Texan tailgaters, have a great football season! Be careful and go build memories for life.



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