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The 10 most affectionate dog breeds that love nothing more than a hug



When people dream of the perfect dog, it’s often the one who rides on their lap for a hug – no matter how tall they are!

Dogs bring so much comfort and peace, and they just seem to know when their owner needs it the most. It has certainly been a trait that people appreciate very much during the pandemic.

Some dogs are more fond of cuddling than others, affection and companionship being inherent in their personalities.

Whether you’re looking for a small companion dog to follow you around the house or 150 pounds of fur to throw your arms around when you get home from work, here are the 10 most affectionate dog breeds that are sure to pass up the chance to jump on. the sofa to snuggle up.

1. Labrador Retriever


The adorable Labradors may have been crowned Britain’s meanest breed, but they’re also one of the most affectionate. How else are they supposed to get away with everything?

This gentle, gentle breed is described by the American Kennel Club as “friendly, outgoing, and spirited companions.”

Labradors are excellent pets, with enough affection for everyone.

2. Pug


Loving, charming and mischievous sum up the little pug. The AKC said, “Pugs live to love and be loved in return.”

These Velcro dogs were bred to be companion dogs who like to please their owners, meaning they are also “generally easy to train.”

The club added, “The Pug has an even and stable temper, great charm, and an outgoing, loving disposition.”

3. Golden Retriever

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Golden retriever

Incredibly intelligent dogs used to guide the blind or aid search and rescue teams, the Golden Retriever is just as affectionate as their Labrador parents.

The American Kennel Club said, “Goldens are outgoing, trustworthy and eager to please, and relatively easy-to-train family dogs. They take a cheerful and playful approach to life and maintain this puppy-like behavior until well. adulthood. “

4. Newfoundland


Who doesn’t want a 150 pound plush hug? Newfies are gentle giants known to be great with children, which has earned them their nickname Nanny female dog.

“A gentle temperament is the most important characteristic of the breed,” the AKC said.

“The mild-tempered Newfie is a reputable good companion and has earned a reputation as a patient and vigilant ‘nanny dog’ for children.”

Forget the teddy bears when you have your own on all fours!

5. Bichon frize

Bichon frize

These little companion dogs love nothing more than curling up with their owner and are said to be “lovers, not fighters”.

The American Kennel Club suggests that these irresistible canine comedians don’t believe in strangers – only the friends they’ve yet to make.

The club added, “Their confidence and size make them ideal city dogs. Bichons train well and love to play for their loved ones. The cheerful Bichon personality who draws smiles and hugs wherever they go.

6. Boxer

“Loyalty, affection, intelligence, work ethic and good looks: boxers are the whole dog,” the AKC said.

This popular puppy is great with kids and takes their babysitting duties very seriously, even if they don’t take life as it is!

The club added: “Lively and alert boxers, sometimes silly but always courageous, are upbeat and upbeat. “

They demand a lot of attention and affection from their families, but who can resist those cranky looking jowls?

7. Jack Russell Terrier

Legs of a child under a white blanket next to a cute Jack Russell Terrier dog.
Jack russell

Jack Russell owners will know that you can’t go anywhere without hearing the sound of little paws behind you. The JRT enjoys being the shadow of their owners, as well as crawling on the couch for a hug.

The AKC said: “Clever, lively, curious and friendly, the cheerful Russell Terrier was developed by the ‘Sporting Parson’ of England for use in fox hunts. “

8. Greyhound

Greyhounds are a breed known as couch potatoes at 45 mph
Greyhounds are a breed known as couch potatoes at 45 mph

Greyhounds were built for speed, not endurance, and after a short walk, love nothing more than finding a couch to relax on – there’s a reason they’re nicknamed the sweet potato. sofa at 45 mph!

These sprint champions are described as gentle, noble and gentle, with a very loving nature.

The AKC said: “Greyhounds are more interested in doing things with you that for you. They are very affectionate with their families, although they tend to be reserved with strangers.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel

Aristocrats of the canine world, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy breed that combines “the best of both worlds”.

The CKCS combines the hug of a toy breed with the sporty side of a spaniel.

The American Kennel Club said, “Adaptable riders do just as well with active owners as they do homebody – they can be upbeat athletes or shameless couch potatoes, depending on the owner’s lifestyle.”

10. Dachshund

These long, loving dogs really enjoy tickling the bellies of people they know and adore.

Although described as stubborn and always vigilant, sausage dogs are very attached to their humans, who have won millions of hearts across the world.

The club said: “Smart and vigilant, with a big dog bark, they make good watch dogs.”