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The 20 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World, Ranked According To Science


Dog friendliness ranking? Might as well classify the beauty of flowers. Yet one study claimed to find a pattern that suggests which are the most beautiful dogs in the world. Toby Keel takes a look.

Sometimes studies and research are clearly done with the idea of ​​deepening the knowledge of humanity. But just as every builder can’t create Buckingham Palace, anyone with access to a computer and a copy of Excel can’t be expected to lose the secrets of the universe.

So it is with tongue in cheek, we imagine, that the pet insurance comparison website moneybeach.co.uk write his report to decide which types of dogs are the most beautiful to the human eye. They used the golden ratio as a basis, a well-respected theory in art and design that dates back to the classical world and draws heavily from patterns seen in nature.

An image of each dog breed – 100 were considered in all – was then evaluated to see how well its characteristics met the ratio.

Photo: Louise Parker

The results are… well, surprising. See the Rottweiler in 8th place, seven places above the

But let’s face it: it’s all utter nonsense, and just a little fun, presumably designed to make rival owners’ chins wag as fast as their pets’ tails.

And in any case, looks aren’t everything – if you’re looking to get a dog, it should match your lifestyle rather than your desire for attractive dog-owner selfies. Our article on how to choose the perfect dog can help you decide what would work best for you and your family.

With that caveat in mind, here are the 20 cutest dog breeds according to the report:

1. Dalmatian

Compliance with the golden ratio: 67.03%

2. Irish Water Spaniel


3. Wire Fox Terrier


4. Labradors


5. Basset Hound


6. Samoyed


7. Jack Russell


8. Rottweiler


9. St. Bernard


10. Golden retriever


11. Newfoundland


12. Pug


13. Schnauzer


14. Leonberger


15. Cavapoo


16. Springador


17. Siberian Husky


18. Bernese Mountain Dog


19. Old English Bulldog


20. Hunting dog


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