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The 7 Fluffiest Dog Breeds, According to Experts


From their snouts to their tails, there are many things we find cute about dogs. Some are slender and skinny. Others have rolls on skin rollers. But sometimes a dog’s coat can make it too fuzzy to resist a pet or a hug. If you love adorable furballs, we asked the experts which dog breeds are the fluffiest. Read on to see which ones made the cut and if one could make a perfectly permanent addition to your family.

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Chow chow

With a noble mane around the head and a thick coat from torso to tail, experts say a type of dog is well known for its fur.

“Chow Chows are an ancient breed that originated in China,” says Georgina Ushi PhilipsVDD, consulting veterinarian and writer for NotABully.org. “These fluffy pups served a wide range of roles covering everything from hunting and guarding to pulling sleds, and even war dogs in some cases.”

“Their fluffy double coat is not the only distinguishing feature of these dogs: they are also known for their unique blue-black tongue,” she adds.



Most fluffy dog ​​breeds tend to become household names as a popular adoption option based solely on their adorable looks. But experts say the Briard is a lesser-known type with a poofy coat that ranks among the best in the canine realm.

“With a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, this intelligent and energetic dog needs plenty of exercise,” says Travis Brosena animal expert for Animal Planetfamous dog trainer, host of My Big Pet Makeoverand judge on the Discovery Plus series dog games. “They became popular during World War I when they were used to search for wounded soldiers. Unfortunately, this also contributed to their rarity.”

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Looking for a smaller companion with an adorably poofy coat? Experts say a well-known breed does the trick.

“While some Pomeranians may look like miniature Chow Chows, these little dogs originated in Central Europe, where they were bred to be companion dogs,” says Phillips. “Pom poms (as they’re often called) also have a double layer that gives them their super fluffy look.”



Families looking for a furball may want to consider a Newfoundland, especially if they like large dogs. Experts say this breed can make an easy and adorable addition to the home.

“Newfies may be big, but they’re a gentle and patient breed. In fact, they’re often considered a ‘nanny’ breed because they’re so great with kids,” Daniel Caughillcanine expert and co-founder of The story of the dogrecount Better life. “They can have a white, black, gray or brown coat, which is usually thick, long and very fluffy.”

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tibetan mastiff

With an adorably droopy face surrounded by lots of fur, it can be easy to forget that the Tibetan Mastiff is quite a large breed. But experts say this pup’s sturdy build helps promote his poofy appearance.

“Tibetan Mastiffs are a large and powerful breed that easily weigh over 100 pounds,” says Phillips. “Another fluffy breed that may have origins in ancient China – like the Chow Chow – the Tibetan Mastiff’s double coat and large size make it look extremely fluffy!”


old english sheepdog

Some fluffy dog ​​breeds become famous for their cheerful attitude or relaxed attitude. But there are a few who can claim to have been immortalized in movies.

“Disney’s 1959 comedy was not titled The shaggy dog for no reason!” says Brorsen. “The Old English Sheepdog’s double coat keeps them cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, making them perfect for environments with changing climates. If a loving personality is what you’re looking for, you’ve met your match.”

They can also become an easily obedient addition to the family. “Sheepdogs are part of the herder group, which means they’re smart, adaptable, and hardworking,” Caughill says. “They like to have a job to do, which means it’s important to keep them busy to stay out of trouble. But that work ethic also makes them very trainable, so they’re great for families.”

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Many of the dogs on this list may have a “big hair, who cares” outlook on life. But experts say one breed in particular is as affectionate as it is fluffy.

“The Samoyed is a reliable, family-loving dog that can be easier to train than some,” says Brorsen. “But don’t let this white beauty fool you: they get attached very easily and don’t usually like to be left alone for long periods of time.”

Just make sure you know what you’re getting into when it comes to the grooming requirements for this breed. “Its opulent double coat requires daily maintenance,” warns Brorsen. “For anyone who wants one, we in the business say… ‘loss happens!'”