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The dog grooming service rolls on wheels



Sometimes owning a dog isn’t that easy, especially if your furry baby hates being groomed. A trip to get trimmed, chopped, and bathed could set off a storm of pitiful whining and grim stares.

A dog grooming company works to make life easier for owners and pets on Whidbey Island by offering a variation of grooming services – the groomer comes to you.

Laurie’s Warm Fuzzies is a mobile dog grooming, training and boarding service from Clinton.

Owner Laurie Cecil has been in the business for over 20 years. With her traveling grooming salon, she parks in front of her clients’ homes so the dogs don’t have to roam.

The van it operates in has been converted into a dog salon by Indiana-based company Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions.

“It’s a fully enclosed grooming shop on wheels,” Cecil said.

One of the advantages of being a mobile service is that the dogs are quieter.

“Dogs are much more comfortable in their home environment,” said Cecil.

She describes her business as “no cages, no checkouts” and premium service for owners who don’t mind paying more than a big box store would charge.

“You get what you pay for,” she said.

PetSmart lists a basic bath and trim for an adult Labrador retriever for around $ 55. Cecil’s does not list its prices online, but on a case-by-case basis. It rates according to breed, size, behavior and owners’ requests.

Cecil takes care of the safety and cleanliness of his traveling salon and demands that all of his clients are currently on flea treatment. She uses a variety of specialty tools and products, but the one she enjoys talking about the most is her hydromassage shower system, which she says dogs particularly enjoy.

In addition to grooming, she does home dog training, with the goal of involving the whole family in teaching the dog good manners and obedience. It also offers limited boarding services.

His dog training teaches people that dogs think differently from humans, living from moment to moment.

She asks clients to call a week or two before making an appointment. She also cautions that it is not a “last resort” service for dogs with major aggression issues.

Her clients love her service because she is patient and provides personalized dog care.

Oak Harbor client Laura Powers has two Shelties and raves about Cecil’s work. After jumping from groomer to groomer, she finally found Cecil three years ago and has become a loyal customer.

“Before we found Luarie, we had scoured all the groomers on the island,” she said. “… I can’t say enough good things about Laurie.” She has a heart of gold with animals.

Powers said his dogs are well pampered by Cecil, with perks such as hydromassage.

“I never even had a massage,” she said with a laugh.

It takes Cecil around eight hours to groom both dogs, and the dogs are regularly praised for their silky coats, which Powers attributes to Cecil.

“I groom everything, from all walks of life and all income levels, but I look for people who treat their animals like family.”

“Every dog ​​can benefit from grooming,” said Cecil.

She loves dogs and her job, she says.

Her job is the only one where she can kiss her clients without getting fired, she joked.

Laurie’s Warm Fuzzies service area covers Whidbey Island, Mukilteo, and part of Seattle. Laurie can be reached at 360-661-4941

Chester loves to give kisses.

Chester demonstrates a full harness.

Chester demonstrates a full harness.