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The reasons for your dog’s behavior could lie in his DNA


A friend recently brought home her new puppy. She bought it from a breeder who insisted the dog was a purebred Golden Retriever. As a first-time pet owner, she wasn’t particularly sure what the breed should be like, but when she brought her furry baby to puppy training, she realized. that the dog really didn’t look like the other Goldens that were there. While that didn’t make her any less in love with her dog, she was interested to know what breed he really was. His solution? Test his DNA.

Besides satisfying curiosity, testing your dog’s DNA can have a range of benefits. Knowing your pup’s breed can explain some of his weird behaviors, like his chewing, herding tendencies, his irresistible desire to chase squirrels or burrow under the fence. With this knowledge, you can adjust your training style to ensure that you give your pup his best chance of success. Dogs, by nature, are people-pleasing, so when they’re doing well and you’re happy, it’s a win-win situation. Beyond that, it can help you understand the type of genetic risks your dog may be prone to, as well as determine your dog’s size and average lifespan.

The My Dog DNA Breed Identification Test Kit is quick, easy and painless. Simply wipe your pet’s cheeks, submit the sample and the results will be emailed back to you within two weeks. You will not only receive a breakdown of the breeds identified in your dog’s DNA, but a report on associated personality traits and potential health issues.

Winner of the “Leaders in Ethical Canine Genetic Testing” award at the 2020 GHP Biotechnology Awards, DNA My Dog Breed is normally valued at $79, but is now being offered for just $59.99, a 24% discount. A satisfied customer praises: “To know [her dog’s] DNA was the coolest experience! The description of the levels was very helpful. So glad we did this!!” Get yours and see if you disagree.

Oh…and my friend’s dog? Turns out there was barely a drop of Golden Retriever in him.

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