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The Sims 4 Werewolf DLC Features The Most Disgusting Dog Behavior


A Sims 4 player has discovered a hilarious and disgusting detail included in the Werewolves game pack that gives werewolves a real dog habit.

A The Sims 4 player discovered that the game’s new werewolves share a common, disgusting habit with real-life dogs. The newest occult addition to the popular simulation title, Werewolves in The Sims 4 became a reality earlier this month with the release of the werewolves Game Pack. Since then, players have discovered all sorts of entertaining quirks and little details about lycanthropes.

The Sims 4: Werewolves introduced a host of new supernatural details to the game world, including a vast amount of species knowledge and a myriad of unique werewolf-centric interactions. Some involve the ongoing feud between werewolves and vampires, leaving the duo to fight in supernatural battles as well as the inclusion of new Moodlets that involve their hatred for each other. Others lean into the inherent canine nature of werewolves, with new Sim actions like eating cattle and howling alongside dogs becoming available in-game.


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Reddit user Skyemu has discovered a hilarious and disgusting werewolf detail in the new Game Pack. When the player has selected a cat’s dirty and full litter box while playing as a werewolf, the option “devour” presents itself. It seems that just like how dogs participate in gross activity in real life, werewolves do in the The Sims 4 kingdom. The user calls the detail what”finally broken” them, referring to the absolute absurdity of the small detail.

Most fans found that the last werewolves Game Pack has far exceeded gamers’ expectations. While not a perfect pack, its substantial amount of lore, lycanthropic abilities, new actions, and small details made it a standout game pack for many. This last inclusion could very well be another example of a hilarious Easter egg included by The Sims 4 developers in the Game Pack, although this is not necessarily the case. werewolves in The Sims 4 have an ability that allows them to eat objects in order to satisfy their hunger. The same “devour“The option is present for almost all items for werewolves that have the special power, which means it may not specifically be a reference to the fact that dogs often devour junk. in real life – it might just be the edible cover option applied to the litter object.

Whether the devourable litter box is intentional or not, the fact that it’s an option speaks to all the ways the unique werewolf abilities included in the game come to life. The werewolves The game pack perfectly balances serious lore with more silly elements, giving players plenty to discover about the history of lycanthropes and the tragic history of some of the game’s residents while also introducing options like wolf tug of war -were and edible items to stay consistent with The Sims 4is light-hearted, cartoon-like in nature. While not all players are fans of occult gameplay, unique and hilarious details like this may inspire some new players to try werewolves for themselves.

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Source: Skyemu/Reddit

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