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These are the easiest dog breeds to groom


Most animal lovers would agree that owning a dog is a lot of work. But you can make it easier for yourself by choosing the right breed (or mix of breeds) from the start. Some dog breeds are easy to train. Others are easy to incorporate into your home and lifestyle. Still others are simply easygoing. And some dog breeds take very little time to groom.

Below, check out the adorable dog breeds that are easiest to groom.

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

They have short, tight coats. | Laures/iStock/Getty Images

I Heart Dogs reports that the American pit bull terrier make the list dog breeds that you will find the easiest to groom. These dogs have a very short, tight coat that requires almost no brushing. And these dogs are content with the occasional bath. In fact, American Pit Bull Terriers stay clean even when they spend a lot of time outdoors because you can just wipe the dirt off them.

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Young woman with Beagle dog in the park

They only need weekly brushing. | SbytovaMN/iStock/Getty Images

The AKC puts the Beagle on his list of dog breeds with minimal grooming needs. Their medium-length coats shed, but Beagles don’t really need you to groom them outside of a weekly brushing. But as I Heart Dogs notes, you should make sure to clean your beagle’s ears occasionally to reduce the risk of ear infections.

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