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This ASMR fidget toy will delight your senses to give you some peace


Volcanoes are one of the most unstoppable forces on Earth, but they can also give rise to something that demonstrates the calming power of nature.

ASMR, the less intimidating term for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” has become such a fad that it has been taken to ridiculous levels by social media users, especially YouTube. That’s not to say the science behind it is as weird as the things people do, and there are certainly psychological benefits to using this physiological phenomenon properly. You don’t need to listen to or watch these videos, of course. All you need is the right item to induce a peaceful ASMR experience, like this rather unconventional bullet that was born out of one of nature’s most un-peaceful manifestations of power.

Creator: Zenlet

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Volcanic eruptions are devastating, perhaps more than any other natural disaster. Its effects can even spread around the world in the form of a blanket of dark clouds and ash. But like almost everything in nature, volcanoes can also produce something beautiful in the form of volcanic rocks, sometimes called lava rocks. It is from this unique material that a new type of toy and meditation device is formed, embodying the two sides of nature.

Available in Moon Black or Mars Red.

Each ball is unique, it is one of nature’s masterpieces.

The lava ball is actually only half made of volcanic rock, but it is the most prominent and important part of the sphere. The way volcanic rock forms naturally results in random pores and holes that make each rock unique. Once polished and cleaned to remove dirt and bacteria, you have a hemisphere as unique as you are. There will be nothing like it in terms of appearance.

Listening|Accept the rhythm of the Earth and relieve your stress.

Together with the matte aluminum alloy that forms the bottom half of the ball, this beautiful blend of earth and metal, natural and man-made, creates an almost complete ASMR experience. Run your thumb or finger over the rough surface of the lava rock to activate your sense of touch. Put on a drop or two of your favorite essential oil and smell the familiar scent absorbed through the pores of the stone. Rock the ball on a flat surface and listen to it rock back and forth like a metronome. Spin the ball on its magnetic base and lose minutes contemplating the sphere.

Contemplation|Focus on the current state to move to the next level of meditation. Waiting for the moments of inspiration to come.

Smell|Perceive and immerse yourself in the familiar smell to awaken the pleasant memory.

Touch|Experience the unique texture of rock to relieve anxiety.

Thanks to the magnetic holder, it will always stay on the desk and will be useful just to inspire you.

Drop in one of your favorite essential oil scents and gently twist the ball to disperse the scents into the air for immediate release.

If you’ve ever needed something to distract yourself briefly, just pick up the ball and run your finger over it like a fidgety toy. If you really want to relax, release those scents again and spin the ball to spread the soothing aroma further. However you use it, every part of this simple yet beautiful bullet is designed to lead your mind into a more relaxed, meditative state without feeling embarrassed or silly listening to ASMR clips.

The volcanic and metal halves of the ball are joined by magnets, making it easy to mix and match different colors, not to mention easy to repair and replace broken parts. The magnetic backing uses nano-suction technology to adhere it to flat, non-porous surfaces without the use of adhesives. An elegant ornament that’s probably best suited for your desk, this palm-sized ball is a reminder that, just like volcanoes, there’s always something beautiful that can come out of the most unsettling of circumstances.

Click here to buy now: $89.10 $99 (10% discount). Hurry, there are only 4 left!