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Tina Farrar Mobile Grooming, Photo: Tina Farrar Mobile Grooming Facebook page

When Tina Farrar rolls around in her truck with the grooming trailer attached, the dogs are usually not excited. These are exactly the kind of canine clients Tina wants to help. Specializing in older and / or anxious small dogs, Tina is committed to making these puppies feel as comfortable as possible during the grooming process.

Mobile dog grooming was not something Tina had planned for in life. It wasn’t until she got her Shih Tzu, Buddha, that she even learned that some dogs needed regular grooming! Most of his canine experiments so far have involved the shedding of breeds like Labs and Shepherds. Tina’s first grooming experience with Buddha is all too familiar to many. Tina shares: “I went to take her to be groomed and she was very shaky when we entered. I heard another dog screaming behind the back and left. Continuing, Tina laughs, “When I got home I started cutting her hair myself and it didn’t look so bad! After that, Tina went to grooming school to learn more before investing in her own mobile grooming service. It was 14 years ago. Now her truck and trailer are frequently seen around Coronado as she serves regular customers.

Roxie post groom in Tina’s trailer, feeling a lot lighter! Photo: Tina Farrar Mobile Grooming Facebook page

Specialized in small dogs

Tina used to groom dogs of all sizes when she lived in Denver and had a larger trailer, but now she sticks to small breeds. Large breeds not only require a larger trailer, but also different equipment, such as a swimming area with a sink without access, as opposed to small dogs that Tina can pick up on her own. While she grooms all small breeds, she has a passion for disabled, nervous or elderly dogs. “I love doing this,” she exclaims, “when you’re working for someone else, you can’t take the time. I can usually spend between an hour and an hour and a half with each dog.

Tina also shares that she has a dog client who is paralyzed and another who is blind. In situations with special dogs that she shares, “they feed off my energy. They feel the calm. Part of the transition from owner to groomer for nervous dogs is for the owner to make it a less scary process for them. Tina advises that instead of telling your dog that “it’s going to be okay … fear not …” which is a natural response, make him pretty happy for him! “Look, Tina is here! You must be treated now! The energy starts with the owner.

Linda Mcleod trains dressage horses and says that she and Tina “have spent many hours discussing the methodology for gaining an animal’s trust and how we can best meet their need for safety. I watched Tina working with an incredibly scared dog who was in the midst of an emotional crisis, the time it took, the complete connection and focus on the calm of the animal’s distress was breathtaking to watch. I would recommend Tina for her natural empathy, compassion, honesty, and desire that all animals she works with have a positive and safe experience.PAWS logo

Tina is also a PAWS of Coronado advocate and frequently posts upcoming dogs for adoption on her Facebook page. She recently gave Tux a makeover to make him feel better to be ready for adoption!

Why mobile grooming

Mobile grooming has many benefits for the owner and pets. It’s very useful. With Tina right outside in her trailer, the owners can still go about their business: doing laundry, gardening, finishing the dishes. It’s cage-free, which is a lot less stressful for the dog. Brick and mortar groomers can take up to three or four hours; while a small dog can typically be groomed in 60 to 90 minutes, that is a lot of the extra time he would spend in a crate.

Tina is competitively priced – she offers $ 20 nail clippings for dogs and cats when they don’t require full grooming. For a full grooming, the price for the first time is $ 69 for small dogs and $ 79 for medium sized dogs for the first time. Clients report that they feel the time between grooming appointments is actually longer with the quality grooming provided by Tina.

Tina takes a selfie with Belvadière! Customers say Tina often shares grooming photos with them. Photo: Tina Farrar Mobile Grooming Facebook page

Patrick, Coronado customer, shares: “Chip is our Yorkshire Terrier. He was always afraid of being away from our family and our home for several hours. Bringing Tina over to us is a much better experience for all of us. First of all, she is very careful to make sure it is comfortable before taking it. Second, he received her individual attention and she was able to groom him in less than an hour. I’m happy with his grooming ability, but the convenience of not having to take him to a groomer is so handy. I would recommend Tina to anyone who needs a trustworthy and highly knowledgeable groomer. ”

What owners need to know

Tina has some things that she wants dog owners to know. The first one she shares is: “I don’t judge. When dogs are scared or nervous, they can be rejected by other groomers, sometimes going a long time without grooming. Don’t be embarrassed to bring them! I am here to take care of them.

90% of Tina’s clientele are Coronado dogs, making it easy for her to switch between appointments. However, she is careful not to stretch out too much. “I like to breed three dogs a day, not ten,” she says, allowing her to have a good time with each one. Finally, if you are looking for a fluffy dog ​​brush, the glamor aspect is not Tina’s strong suit. “I’m not a froo-froo groomer. I usually do the short puppy cut, ”says Tina,“ I like working with nervous, elderly and disabled dogs and cutting them on the shorter side. This way, they don’t have to experience grooming as much.

Lucy shows off her “Puppy Dog” cut. Photo: Tina Farrar Mobile Grooming Facebook page

You can find more information on his Facebook page

To book directly, call or text (720)999-7311



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