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TRS feels the anti-incumbency against its deputies and ministers


Hyderabad: Ahead of the October 25 plenary, the ruling TRS is drawing up a plan to beat the anti-incumbents. The party emphasizes the performance of ministers and MPs and would organize training sessions for them soon after the plenary to improve their performance.

Having been in power for two terms since 2014, internal party polls suggest the emergence of anti-incumbent sentiments against ministers and MPs, who have represented them for both terms. These two sets of representatives will be trained on how to build better relationships with the people during the remaining two years of TRS’s current mandate. This could boost their chances of winning in the 2023 Assembly polls.

Acting TRS Chairman KT Rama Rao has repeatedly insisted on holding such training/orientation sessions for ministers and MPs during meetings in Telangana Bhavan for the party plenary on October 25 and the Telangana Vijaya Garjana public meeting in Warangal on November 15th.

Rama Rao has met ministers and party MPs from 20 constituencies every day since Monday.

Ministers and MPs were urged to play a proactive role in the effective delivery of social welfare programs, public services and development programs in their constituencies and districts. They should not neglect the demands submitted to them by the people on various issues and pursue all such issues with the government and officials to resolve them at the earliest.

Rama Rao cites the examples of a few ministers and deputies who win elections with large majorities even after five to six terms because they have managed to overcome the anti-incumbent factor by getting closer to the people all the time through their quick responses in solve people’s problems.

The TRS has 103 deputies. It won 88 of the 119 Assembly seats in 2018. That aside, 12 Congress lawmakers, two from Telugu Desam (TD) and two independents joined the TRS later, bringing the total number of MPs in the Assembly to 103. ruling party. of them, 68 were elected twice or more to the assembly.

The TRS leadership expects such an anti-incumbent factor to be at work in the 2023 polls, even though the TRS government has “performed well” in terms of social welfare and welfare programs. development under Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao.