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We visited Canberra’s first high-end dog grooming salon


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The first thing you notice about WOOOF Grooming is its sleek tiled exterior – that and the dogs playing happily in the window.

When you enter the salon, located on The Lawns in Manuka, you are greeted at reception before an expert groomer comes to take your case.

Teddy the Cavoodle was booked for a Luxury Wash and Groom which included a temperature controlled hot bath and double wash with natural shampoo, followed by a hand dryer, full clip and precision hair shear. face, feet and legs. for the perfect teddy bear look. The lovely team at WOOOF even offered to dry Teddy’s face with a Dyson Supersonic if he was stressed from the experience.

Bathed in pastels, everything at WOOOF looks and smells great, including eco-friendly collars, breed-specific candles, toys, and colognes.

WOOOF’s shelves are filled with modern, practical accessories for the discerning dog, so it’s easy to shop while you wait. Or you can grab a coffee or lunch at one of The Lawns’ many cafes or do your weekly grocery shopping at Coles.

After grooming, puppies are exposed in the window to play freely – no waiting in cages for hours at this experience-driven grooming salon. Needless to say, this showcase regularly attracts a crowd of delirious passers-by.

For WOOOF founders and dog lovers, David and Frederica Heacock and their two daughters Zoe and Evi, the idea of ​​a high-end dog grooming salon came naturally.

“We did a lot of research into what was missing from the grooming experience and the feedback we got, especially on the ‘big box’ grooming salons, was that they smell bad, they use products cheap, I have to wait all day for my dog ​​to be groomed, and my dog ​​hates it,” says David. “What we have created is a truly new, different and premium service to improve the quality of service, products and customer experience.”

WOOOF’s wash and grooming services menu includes ‘Luxe Wash and Dry’, ‘Tidy Up’, ‘Full Groom’ and ‘Breed Specific Groom’ options for those who need a special style.

There are also exclusive therapeutic spa treatments that help deep cleanse, detangle and detangle the coat and remove tangles. WOOOF spa products are the highest quality scrubs and therapeutic grade essential oils sourced from around the world and processed into products for optimal coat and skin health. The spa’s ozone-enriched bubble bath also helps “provide a soothing massage to relieve anxiety, tension and fatigue,” ideal for older, anxious dogs.

Unfortunately, humans cannot book. We have checked.

All dog owners know that the devil is in the details when it comes to caring for your dogs and the Heacocks (who have two dogs themselves) are no exception. All products used at WOOOF are natural, pH-balanced, and vegan, with no synthetic fragrances, chemicals, or palm oils, which means you can book your dog weekly (as many WOOOF regulars do) and never having to worry about his skin and coat. the planet.

Owners of senior dogs, puppies and sensitive dogs can choose to have their faces dried by hand for a calmer, less stimulating experience and anxious (or very cheeky) dogs can book a free meet to get them used to the dryness. living room space. , reduce anxiety and discuss any special needs with the team.

WOOOF also offers a generous puppy program that uses a four-step process to slowly and calmly introduce puppies to grooming, including a staggered grooming schedule. A worthwhile investment to prepare your pup for a lifetime of happy grooming experiences.

Another fabulous community initiative is WOOOF which offers free door-to-door dog transfers for elderly customers living in nearby nursing homes who can no longer manage their dogs.

WOOOF’s tagline is cool + healthy = happy and cuddleable, which is informed by the Heacock family’s strong belief that dogs (especially clean dogs) benefit people’s positive mental health.

“We’re really interested in how quality grooming can contribute to owners’ ability to hug and enjoy their dog more,” Frederica says. “The idea behind our brand and slogan is that you are more likely to cuddle and cuddle your dog if he is clean and smells good.”

But we weren’t just going to take their word for it, oh no. At HerCanberra, we like to try things out for ourselves, and WOOOF was no exception. There was only one writer for the post, HerCanberra Special Repawter Teddy, who we knew could use his unique sense and perspective to give us an inside look. And, uh, he needed a haircut.


Booking in WOOOF starts with a well thought out website and online form that lets you choose your services (Teddy opted for a Full Groom), explain in detail your dog’s health and behaviors and everything WOOOF staff may need to know, whether it’s sensitive paws, allergies or a dislike for other dogs. WOOOF then called me to book in a time – a process with a lot going on behind the scenes.

“We always try to match dogs with groomers,” says David. “We take what the owners tell us and find the best match in our team. This allows for a better experience for both dogs and groomers. We are very deliberate about how we approach this specialist service.

Another WOOOF difference is the duration of appointments.

“We find that keeping the dogs all day stresses them out,” says Evi. “That’s why we give owners a window in which they’ll be ready and then ring ahead when their dog is almost done. This means dogs spend minimal time with us and are therefore more relaxed.

Sure enough, an hour and a half after dropping Teddy off, I got a call and was back at WOOOF, hoping to get a cute picture of Teddy waiting in the window. He bounced off WOOOF as someone who, well, just spent some quality time pampering himself. Groomer Shannon gave me insight into the groom and his reaction, as well as tips on how to deal with his sometimes sensitive paws (thanks for the tips, Shannon!).


Naturally, there were plenty of photos taken when she arrived home (looking like a cloud of caramel and smelling just as good) and maybe even an Instagram reel or two.

Teddy’s verdict? You’d be crazy to go anywhere else.


What: WOOOF Dog grooming
Where: 1/19 Bougainville Street, The Lawns, Manuka (opposite Typica)
When: Weekdays: 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Telephone: 02 6169 6116
Website: www.wooof.com.au

Featured Image: Pew Pew Studio

Other images: Portia Sarris