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Why your dog eats grass and what to do about it


Understanding the behavior of our pets can be a little difficult, whether it’s licking their paws at their adorable “puppy eyes” or acting strangely after grooming, our furry friends sometimes do things that we can’t explain, including eating grass. And if you’ve ever wondered the reason behind this behavior, we have the answer to that.

Seeing your dog eating grass can be alarming at first, as some of these reasons involve their diet. This means that your puppy is lacking fiber in his diet and is looking for a way to digest the food you give him or is currently suffering from vitamin deficiencies.

You may want to examine his diet and possibly make adjustments if you notice that your dog is also having stomach issues. A solution could be to ask your veterinarian for advice, to change his food or the quantities you give him.


When your dog eats grass, it also means that he is dehydrated because grass has a high water content. Always keep fresh water for your pet, especially if you notice him eating it on hot days.

It is also a sign that they currently have a stomach ache or are suffering from acid reflux, and the herb can provide temporary relief and help them release bile that is irritating their stomach. This is why dogs sometimes vomit after eating grass, but giving your dog boiled chicken and rice could be a solution to his stomach problems.

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