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Wordle Clone Dogsdle is all about guessing dog breeds


Daily word puzzle game Wordle gets a new clone known as Dogsdle that challenges players to guess a specific breed of dog.

Internet is obsessed with free browser puzzle game wordle for the first months of the year. The fun of this game comes from its simplicity, where players are given a five-letter word to solve daily, with just six attempts to get it right. Players must use the letters or context provided by the guesses to find the correct word for the wordle puzzle. Whether they succeed or fail, the game will be over and you won’t be able to play another one until the next day.


Due to the simplicity of the game and fast games, wordle lends itself to having a number of clones and imitators. These have popped up all over the web, usually created by freelance programmers with a variety of playstyles or subject matter. These include wordle riddles on fortnite, to a clone that can have players trying to guess 25-letter words. One of these newer clones features players guessing dog breeds.

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This is part of a website that contains a number of wordle clones, which cover a wide variety of topics for players to tackle. This clone, known as Sled Dog, allowed players to test their knowledge of dog breeds. The usual gameplay of Sled Dog is slightly different from normal wordle however, offering a different kind of challenge.

Sled Dog gives players a dog silhouette, which gives them a small idea of ​​what it could be. From there, when a player taps into the box to guess, there will be a number of guesses that can be selected. Clicking on their guess will give them a number of contextual clues from which to extrapolate the guess, including size, shed pattern, grooming, coat type, activity, age, and even their native country. This wordle clone gives players eight tries for the correct breed of dog, with each correct context clue highlighted in green.

Ardent dog lovers could probably guess from the picture alone, while less knowledgeable dog lovers will probably take a few tries. If players want more challenges to test their knowledge outside of dogs, GamesWordle also offers a number of alternative playable topics. these wordle the clones include puzzles about comics, beer, manga, and even emojis oddly enough. These all have their own stat trackers as well as ways to play.

wordle is now available for free on the game’s official website.

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Source: GamesWords

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