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You have to control the senses – Hindu



Vamana tells Mahabali that all he wants is land equal to what he can measure in three steps. It seems such a trivial request that Mahabali starts counseling Vamana, Kidambi Narayanan said in a speech. Mahabali said, “You look like a very educated boy, but with your words you showed that you are still childish in your innocence. You don’t know what’s good for you. I am Emperor of the Three Worlds. I have the capacity to give you an entire island. I was happy when you said you wanted something from me. But now You asked for something so small: a piece of land measured in three steps. How can I tell now that you’re smart? As far as I’m concerned, if someone comes to me for something, they should never have to turn to someone else for it, because I can give anything a man could want.

Vamana replies: “A man is only happy if he controls his indriyas. The mind is like a monkey. Even if you train him, he will remain restless. But, if you control your indriyas, even if you have desires, you will not go astray. If a man has not conquered his indriyas, even if you give him all the things available in the three worlds, he will still not be satisfied. A person who is not happy with a small piece of land will not be happy even if he comes into possession of a larger piece of land. He will want seven islands. Contentment leads to happiness, and this happiness is only possible if you are in control of the indriyas. The wait burns like a bright fire. But this fire will never be extinguished. If an educated man is happy with what he has, then he will have Brahma tejas. You may have the capacity to give a lot. But I want nothing more than a small piece of land. We have to know what we need, and to know that we have to know who we are.



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