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Your cat’s senses are scary, but can he really see ghosts?



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In ancient mythology, there are legendary stories of cats, and as Halloween approaches, we can’t help but ask ourselves the one big question here: Can cats see ghosts?

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Well it turns out that Tracey L. Kelley, who writes for Daily paws wondered exactly the same thing. So she turned to Animal planet Jackson Galaxy. His show My hell cat was a network favorite that aired for 11 seasons. Galaxy is a cat behavior specialist and wellness expert, so if anyone knows, it would be him.

Can cats really see ghosts? Well … maybe

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Cats have some pretty amazing abilities, and Galaxy notes that their senses are sharper than ours.

“For example, their low-light vision is much better than ours. Between dusk and dawn, these twilight hunters had to be able to see in low light or almost no light, depending on the moon, in order to always catch their prey, ”explains Galaxy. “They also have the lucid tapetum, which is a layer of tissue behind their retina that collects all the light and then reflects it back, essentially generating light in their eyes when there is none.

We, of course, don’t really know if ghosts exist, but it’s still fun to wonder, isn’t it?

Cats are excellent ghosts because of their excellent senses.

Galaxy says Daily Paws cats have excellent hearing and can hear sounds about 1.5 louder than we can hear. But that’s not all.

  • Their sense of smell leaves ours in the dust. The olfactory perception of a cat is 9 to 16 times better than ours. But they also have an odor collecting organ, called Jacobson’s or vomeronasal organ, which also gives them the ability to sense things that we cannot. When you see your cat half opening its mouth and with a slightly curved upper lip, it means the cat is using this organ. This is known as the flehmen response and it is actually an answer used by many animals, including your cat’s big siblings.
Flehmen Response Chat

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  • A cat’s whiskers are very sensitive and can even sense temperature changes and drafts. “Whiskers are basically the eyes behind the head and act almost like a sensory organ,” says Galaxy.

Also search suggests cats and dogs can see in the ultraviolet light, making it easier for them to spot things our eyes wouldn’t. Maybe it’s a tasty bug crawling along the wall, or something?

Ultraviolet light cockatiel

Cockatiel in Ultraviolet Light via cat

So do they do it or not (See spirits?)

Galaxy thinks they might just do it.

“If you believe in the spirit world, like I do, then it’s much easier to make the leap for your cats to experience something in a realm that goes beyond the physical, rather than just staring at an empty dot on a wall, ”he says. . “With all of a cat’s heightened senses combined, if there are any ghosts or spirits available to us in our physical realm, cats will be able to smell, see and experience them much faster than us.”

This particular writer doesn’t believe in anything paranormal, but in 2019 YouGov survey found about 45 percent of Americans believe in ghosts. And ghosts or not, cats have done some pretty amazing things for their owners, including alert a landlord with cancer and meow repeatedly to help others locate their missing owner.

Sure, maybe when my cats stare out the window at 3 a.m., who knows, maybe the ghosts are really trying to communicate with them. But it’s probably just the wind, I mean, isn’t it?

Here is Jackson Galaxy on the topic of cats and ghosts.

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