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Zulu Alpha Kilo, Director Kacper Larski “Ignite Your Senses” for Subaru Canada


Hot sports cars have always made drivers feel a bit flush. Now, Subaru Canada is taking the launch of the all-new BRZ to another level by allowing consumers to literally taste it in the form of a hot hot sauce.

Aptly titled ‘Ignite Your Senses’, the integrated campaign was launched through this online drama film directed by Kacper Larski through production company Asymetric for Zulu Alpha Kilo agency, Toronto. Revolving around a curious pizzeria, the story begins with a customer enthralled by a brand new Subaru BRZ parked in front of the restaurant. Seeing what starts this guy’s fire, the chef gives him a unique bottle of hot sauce branded BRZ. And after tasting the bottled feel of the sports car, the customer’s heightened senses launch them into a fiery BRZ driving fantasy through the city.

But the film’s premise is more than pure fantasy. A batch of BRZ hot sauce bottles has been set aside for select retailers and delightful surprise giveaways on social media, so consumers can go on a “taste drive.”

Aimed at a young, tech-savvy audience, a code found on BRZ hot sauce bottles leads consumers toward a Snap AR gaming goal. The objective of the game is to navigate the BRZ through a winding street course and collect as many chilies as possible within a minute. Players will have a real-time view of their facial expressions during the experience and can steer the BRZ by physically moving their head.

“Hot sauce has become a cultural phenomenon in recent years,” said Wain Choi, Executive Creative Director at Zulu Alpha Kilo. “By tapping into this rich culture, we can push the boundaries on how to get people interested in and trying out a new vehicle.”

Zulu Alpha Kilo and Zulubot, the agency’s production arm, led the strategy and creative development of the integrated campaign. The work spans online videos, Snapchat AR lens, social content, OOH, digital takeovers and package design. Agence Rinaldi was in charge of creating the Quebec market and OMD was responsible for planning and media buying.

The “Ignite Your Senses” campaign is the latest installment of Subaru Canada’s “Welcome to Uncommon” platform, which launched in 2021.